1. Under the Barruko header, select the Web-Hosting section.

2. You’ll then be directed to the Explore Our Packages page where you’ll be greeted with a variety of web-hosting plans.


  1. Elemental - £10.00/per month
  2. Median - £15.00/per month
  3. Elite - £30.00/per month
  4. Multi - £40.00/per month
  5. Elemental - £60.00/per month

Each plan caters for clients with different needs. The more websites a client manages, the more a higher-value plan will benefit them. Consider your situation and choose accordingly.


3.) Once you’ve decided on a plan, select Order Now. You’ll then be directed to the Choose a Domain page. On this page, enter the domain name of the site you wish to host, the site will then be live under Barruko's servers.


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