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As a business owner, you’ve probably got enough on your plate without the hassle of managing your own website. That’s where we step in, with our wealth of expertise to power your website with fast servers, maximum security, and minimal downtime. You can relax now, Barruko’s got this.

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What to Expect

We Keep Your Website Running Smoothly

Websites aren’t static billboards you can just leave unattended. In a sense, they’re alive and require regular maintenance to stay up-and-running. Unlike many hosting providers, we handle all that stuff, giving you peace of mind and a website that works. Phew!

Always Updated

From core updates to plugins & themes, we keep your site fully updated and running smoothly!

Form Testing

We ensure all forms are functioning correctly, and notifications reach your inbox without fail.

Security Checks

With the latest security patches and software, your website and its users remain protected from online threats.

The Benefits

Why Maintenance Matters

It’s true – most web hosting providers give you a domain and send you on your way. Not us. We understand all the hard work that goes into keeping a website running, and strive to ease this burden for you.

Peak Performance

By prioritising speed and efficiency, your users can expect a swift, seamless user experience.

Reliable Recovery

We implement regular backups and a robust recovery plan to ensure your data is always safe.

No More Lost Leads

Through regular form testing, we ensure no leads slip through the cracks, maximising your profits.

Peace of Mind

With our experts handling all the maintenance duties, you can sit back and prioritise your business.



If your website's performance is a priority for you, regular maintenance is absolutely crucial. By conducting form testing, we ensure that you never miss important messages from your website visitors, so they all feel heard and no lead slips through the cracks. Then, by updating WordPress, plugins, and themes, we're enhancing your site's security by preventing vulnerabilities. Invest in proactive maintenance to keep your site speedy, secure, and seamless for your users.

Taking care of your website requires a few important steps that we undertake regularly. Firstly, we update all plugins and themes to safeguard your site against any vulnerabilities. Then, we test your forms by submitting entries and verifying they reach your inbox (and fixing them if they don't). Finally, we run comprehensive performance tests across the entire website, resolving any performance issues that could slow things down. It's meticulous, but this process keeps your site performing at its best.

We mention updates a lot, but what are they and why are they so important? Well, like with apps on your phone, updates keep your website safe and operational. They introduce new features, fix bugs, and enhance security. Failing to update your website can therefore pose significant risks, including data breaches, loss of customer trust, and damage to your site's functionality and performance.

We undertake maintenance on a quarterly or monthly basis. The choice depends on your preference and the specific requirements of your website. At Barruko, we like to keep things flexible.

That's absolutely fine - pause away! We won't tie you down to a maintenance plan, and will happily pause this service at your request. Just inform us when you'd like us to pause and resume maintenance, and we'll accommodate. You've got full control.

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