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Email comes part and parcel with web hosting packages, so we definitely have you covered for that. However, purchasing a domain name and receiving mail accounts are two separate processes.

Sadly, a purchased domain name isn’t refundable. Once the transaction is complete, the domain is set in stone as belonging to you - the process simply isn’t reversible. To avoid a situation where you’d like a refund, do your best to ensure that your proposed name is as perfect as possible.

Providing you add a payment method for auto-renewal, we’ll handle the process for you - leaving you with nothing to worry about. If you choose the auto-renewal option, please ensure that we are updated with your contact details as we’ll be sending you invoices around the time of renewal.

If your domain isn’t available, our site will provide you with other similar available alternatives to buy.

When dealing with Barruko, you’ll be guided through a straightforward domain purchasing process with great prices attached. You'll be treated with a professional level of customer service and support - there to assist you whenever needed. We also offer real-time monitoring to ensure that your website is functioning as it should be.

You can indeed. We have a simple, straightforward process for changing your details as you see fit.

If you don’t feel comfortable having your private details released to the public, we have you covered. Barruko will ensure that your privacy is respected and unbreeched at no additional costs.

Feel free to contact us and we’ll assist you with a simple, hassle-free transition. We’ll point you towards any service provider you desire whilst ensuring they’re credible and trustworthy.

You can use our search tool to enter any domain name of your choice, our comparison tools will then show if the domain is available and present you with a variety of accredited options for you to choose from. These options will give you the information for you to make the right choice for your domain.

In essence, a domain name translates the digits that your IP address is made up of and turns them into something more memorable. Your domain name is your website’s address on the internet, allowing users to find and access your site.