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September 15th, 2021


How to Make Your Website Look More Professional

How to Make Your Website Look More Professional

It’s important to always make a good first impression, when someone lands on your website you should ask yourself: What is the first impression someone gets from visiting my website? If you are finding it difficult to answer that question, then your website needs a few adjustments to make a more clearly defined impression. 

Your business might have a brilliant domain name, with a fully optimised SEO strategy and the opportunity for great success, but if your website looks subpar to a potential customer – they are unlikely to engage with your website.

This failure will ultimately be down to your website and how it looks to those that visit, if your website is unprofessional, then your whole business looks unprofessional –  leaving you with a missed opportunity to improve your business’ reputation and sales in the digital space. 

So, how do you improve your website to project the right image? 

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but we’ve compiled a list of web design strategies and tools that you can implement to improve your website’s appearance and bounce rate drastically. 

Optimise for Mobile Devices

Be sure to cater for movie device users, according to recent research, 2020 saw a massive increase in mobile devices being used for online searches. With roughly 68% of the year’s traffic coming from mobile devices. 

Now that Google is pushing the idea of mobile-friendliness, you should not be neglecting your mobile device optimisation. Mobile responsiveness is key in providing an audience-focused experience. If your site doesn’t offer a great experience on small screens, your website will look unprofessional and old-timey.

Add a Chatbot 

If your brand is strictly online, or your brick and mortar hours are limited; then you may be losing out on valuable trust-building and customer relationship management because you can answer simple questions that your customers may have. Chatbots are an automated intelligence system that allows you to chat with your customers through a small chat box in the corner of your page – prompting the customer with questions and answers to guide them through to a conversion. 

If a potential customer visits your website and wants to ask you a question, using an online chatbot can boost the presence of your website and highlights your focus on the customer experience, providing detailed information to those that need it.

Follow a Strict SEO Strategy 

While SEO isn’t something you can see at first, the benefits of page speed, page formatting and website tidiness are unmatched as they provide a quality experience for your user. If you take into account how your website will rank on the search engine results page (SERP), then you are on the right track to success. After all, what is the point in making a beautiful and bespoke website if no one will see it? 

Use Videos 

Static websites just don’t cut it anymore, if you’re a hip and trendy company looking to spicy up your website’s look, videos and moving graphics are a simple and effective way to get across the high production value and quality of your business. 

Focusing on the visual elements of your site is a great way to create a highly engaging and professional site with a flair in the look and feel of the layout that is unrivalled by any other media type.

Use a Branded Colour Scheme

When updating your website you might want to go for a cleaner, more ‘modern’ colour scheme; this isn’t the eBay route for your website as it can distract from the elements that make the brand your own. 

Be sure to keep the font style, colour scheme and branding that has built the image of the brand. You are free to experiment and to embrace the freedoms of website design, but don’t forget about the purpose of your website – it is a reflection of you and your business – don’t get lost in the need for a fancy font and minimalist colour scheme. Use a mixture of the two sides to create a website that suits your business’ brand, all the while projecting a new style that will keep your website looking fresh for many years to come. 

Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

A website is only as good as its navigation, you want to make sure that your website is easy to navigate so your users can easily find what they are looking for in as little time as possible. A consistent navigation system with links will also be a massive help when it comes to improving your website.

Here are a few quick tips to make the most out of your navigation system:

    • Include a search bar – make it easy for customers to search for individual blogs, products and services with a quick search
    • Link back to your homepage on all pages  – keep a consistent logo or link back to your homepage for easy navigation and to build up your internal linking web 
  • Offer both vertical and horizontal navigation – this is especially important if your site is of the one-scroll type, allow your visitors to quickly jump back and forth to areas of your site to create a holistic experience that leads them to the area that they need 
  • Create a good footer – make the links easy to find, include your logo and a little blurb about your site, this will be one of the last things a visitor will see on your site so be sure to make a good final impression

Throughout this blog, the tips have been focused on improving your website’s look, but remember; no matter how flashy you make your site, no matter the bells and whistles you add to it – always aim to keep it simple!

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