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August 25th, 2021

Does my Business Need a Website?

No matter how big or small your business may be, the answer is always YES. 

In today’s digital world having an online presence is essential for any business. And if there’s one thing that you absolutely should have regardless of your industry, it’s a website.

This is the home of your business’ online presence.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners believe that having a social media account is enough to grow their business’ online presence. And although social media is fantastic for generating brand awareness and can be a great way to see faster results, having a website can make or break your ability to generate more revenue.

And here’s the reason why: ownership.

By having a website you have full control over your brand. This is because a website is yours and you have complete control over how it looks, your messaging and features, transforming it into the ultimate platform that reflects exactly who you are, what sets you apart and the value you bring. 

You might not realise it but the majority of your customers will visit your website before making a purchase decision. 

Not convinced yet? Here are the top 5 reasons you need a website for your business. 

  1. A website proves your brand credibility 
  2. A website is a fantastic way to showcase the products or services you offer
  3. A website is a great way to generate new leads
  4. A website offers social proof building more trust with your prospects
  5. Your customers expect it 

So now you know you need a website but aren’t sure where to start?

First, you need to register your domain name. Your domain name is your websites address on the internet, allowing users to find and access your site. Having a domain name will give your business a more professional look which, in turn, will build your brands creditability, increase brand awareness, and improve your search engine positioning. We have a wide range of domain extensions you can shop from only 99p here:

Next, you will need a website hosting package. This will get your domain online, how efficient your web hosting platform is has a significant influence on the amount of traffic your website receives and further affects how many people are converted into customers. 

A web hosting package that is fast, ensures that the website loads as efficiently as possible for your customer. We have multiple website hosting packages to choose from depending on the best fit for your business, shop them here: 

Now you have a domain and hosting package, it’s time to start prepping your content. What are the main goals of your website? What actions do you want your audience to take on your website? You need to create pages such as ‘About us, Contact us, Blog and Shop’. Other information can change depending on your business. 

Once you have done everything listed about it’s now time to build your website. You can do this yourself or hire a professional. Having a great web design contributes to your user experience and functionality which is important in order to turn visitors into customers.

Check out our top 4 website design tips below:

  • Keep your homepage minimalistic and free of clutter
  • Create easy to read website content
  • Ensure your site is easy to navigate
  • Stay mobile friendly

Now you’re ready to create your own website and upgrade your online presence. If you need help, feel free to email us, we have a wide range of packages for every budget, and we’d be happy to walk you through your needs.

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