Sarah Daley

June 24th, 2021


Barruko Domain Sale

Are you looking for a new domain name but not sure where to start?


Having a domain name will give your business a more professional look which, in turn, will build your brands credibility, increase brand awareness, and improve your search engine positioning.

Shop our domain sale with a range of different domains to suit your business perfectly.



WAS £9.99 NOW £7.99

If you are charitable, artistic, scientific, personal, educational, social, cultural or religious site .org is the domain for you. This is the main domain for nonprofit websites.



WAS £7.99 NOW £0.99

This is a generic domain, meaning the brand of your business is the focus of your domain name. You can use .xyz for your eCommerce website!



WAS £36.50 NOW £2.27

This was the first domain extension to be launched specifically for e-commerce. Retail businesses of all sizes across a range of industries have chosen .store domains to be their online identity.



WAS £19.68 NOW £3.41

As a specialist store that offers unique clothing and accessories, this would be the ideal domain for your outlet. Or do you manage a boutique hotel, florist or another high-class establishment that would benefit from this extension?



WAS £16.80 NOW £3.99

Have you got the ability to share your experiences or provide advice, information and/or support to others in written form? Well then, this domain extension was made just for you and will help others understand the value of the content within.




WAS £32.41 NOW £9.09

When there are so many eateries popping up all over the internet, having this domain extension will ensure that yours stands out against the competition as not just the ‘corner cafe’ or local takeaway, reflecting your expertise within the culinary world.



WAS £12.86 NOW £6.06

Having this domain extension is ideal when your business can provide a service or product around the globe. Showing that you are not just a local supplier.



WAS £19.68 NOW £6.06

As a charitable, third-sector or non-profit sector institution, this domain extension is a good option that helps to identify this structure to the relevant target audience.



WAS £19.68 NOW £9.09

How the credibility and image of a consulting business can be built is with this domain extension, showing that the services offered are a specialist area, and serious consideration has been given to ensure their online presence.



WAS £19.68 NOW £9.09

Educational establishments and academically focused businesses are the perfect recipients of this domain extension, particularly schools, colleges, tuition services, etc.




WAS £60.15 NOW £12.88

Financial services are an important area of support for businesses and business owners of all sizes, therefore, having a specific domain name will create the professional image of a well structured and credible accountancy company or independent accountant.



WAS £19.68 NOW £6.06

This is the perfect domain for brands, organisations, and individuals who want to showcase their social media content.



WAS £12.86 NOW £7.20

Whether a professional photographer across the various sectors (e.g. wedding, commercial, product, event, etc.) or providing products or services within the world of photography, having a domain extension that is clearly defined will help to promote this.



WAS £39.94 NOW £2.27

Whether you are a brand, company, individual, enthusiast or students, etc if you are indulging in technology, this domain is for you! This is a globally recognised domain.


Shop our domain sale here:


You can also transfer your domain name to another website, feel free to contact us and we’ll assist you with a simple, hassle-free transition. We’ll point you towards any service provider you desire whilst ensuring they’re credible and trustworthy.


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