About Us

About Us

Where It All Began

Barruko wasn’t just an idea born overnight. It was the product of necessity, a response to a series of challenges that we, at our sister company Sood, faced head-on. For years, we grappled with the complexities of website hosting. If you’ve ever faced elusive developers, tech jargon that feels like a foreign language, and a market saturated with complex services, you’ll know what we mean. Is it really so much to ask for clarity, simplicity, and reliability?  Not anymore. With Barruko, you’ve found exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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Our Story

How The Dream Became Reality

Barruko is dedicated to offering straightforward, high-quality hosting and maintenance. We strive to transform the digital experience for small and medium businesses through clear communication, exceptional service, and a personal touch. Here’s the story behind that dream.

Turning Frustration into Innovation

Fed up with navigating the murky waters of tech-speak and subpar services, we decided it was time for a change. If we couldn't find the service that matched our standards, why not create it ourselves? And so, Barruko was born. Our mission was clear: to cut through the fog of technical jargon and provide straightforward, high-quality hosting and maintenance services.

Barruko: A Standalone Entity

While Barruko's roots were firmly planted within Sood, we soon realised that our vision for a transparent, jargon-free hosting service deserved its own spotlight. In May 2023, Barruko stepped out as its own entity, carrying the torch of simplicity and quality in web hosting services.

Our Commitment to You

At Barruko, we're more than just a hosting service. We're your partners in demystifying the digital world. You deserve clear communication, top-notch service, and a personal touch that transforms your experience from frustrating to seamless. Our journey has shaped us into who we are today: a company dedicated to serving SMEs like you with the honesty, clarity, and excellence you deserve.

Our Values

What You Can Expect

Every website needs a home, but reliable web hosting can be hard to find. Luckily, you’ve found us. When it comes to secure, hassle-free hosting, Barruko’s got your back.

A Personal Touch

Great services are one thing, but we’re also about fostering strong, authentic client relationships.

Keeping it Simple

If web jargon goes over your head, we’ll be your trusty translators so you’re never left in the dark.

Tailored Solutions

No two clients are the same, which is why we endeavour to tailor our services to your unique needs.

Ready to Consult

Our expertise is at your disposal! Let’s discuss your goals and find the perfect solution.


About Us

Barruko came from dealing with big-name companies with high prices and invasive sales tactics, which were not appealing for the quality of service you receive. Wanting to provide customers with overall better value, higher quality services and a more personal approach, we decided to create our own company where we do things a little differently.

Local doesn't mean a loss on value or quality that you will receive. It means we can be more candid and personal with you and offer our expert advice about the local market. Going local definitely has some advantages! We don't like to show off, but we have an excellent knowledge of the market in North West and the rest of the UK.

When joining Barruko, you can expect an honest company who will offer a friendly, personal approach, and will give you the highest level of service for the best value.We won't try to overwhelm you with jargon. Instead, you can expect a company who will listen to exactly what you or your business need and come up with a swift solution to support it.

At Barruko we want the best for you and your business. We are not a faceless company, far from it, we engage fully with our clients to discuss their exact needs from our web hosting packages, so they are getting the right option for them. We will support your business's web hosting needs and monitor your hosting and offer email support.


Why Choose Barruko?

With so many hosting providers out there, just why do people choose Barruko? Well, why not let our satisfied clients speak for themselves?

I have been with Barruko since I set up my business 2 years ago. The service has been exemplary.

They are a slick provider and I have never had any issues.

Nabarun Dasgupta


Absolutely 💯 % professional standards of service provided by this business. I've been using their services for quite long now and have received an invaluable support every time I need it!

Nikolay Todorov


Honestly! What a service!! The owner of Barruko and all of his team were amazing and really helpful from day one! Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to start a new business. Keep up the great work guys!!

Nikolaos Fylladitakis


Fantastic domain and have had no problems with it since I started over a year ago. Always fast to load and quick between parts of website!

Toby Mullins


Excellent service! Can’t fault these guys.

Shakeeb Younas


Professional, reliable, friendly and get things done straight away. Can’t recommend them enough. I wish I would have used these guys first.

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