Ubiquity Collective: Breathing Life into PR


Joel Jelen started his public relations business journey in 1998, driven by encouragement from friends. His venture, which started from a mere idea, blossomed into a robust enterprise, evolving significantly over the years. This case study explores the growth, strategies, and the impactful legacy of his PR firm, Ubiquity Collective.

Business Evolution

Incorporated in 2001 and later rebranded, Ubiquity Collective expanded its services beyond traditional PR to embrace a holistic approach to marketing and publicity. Joel’s vision was not just to offer services but to recognise and amplify the potential within his clients, steering the company to navigate through the ever-changing industry landscapes.

Services and Strategy

Ubiquity Collective’s success is built on four pillars: publicity, events, networking, and marketing. Joel and his team have mastered the art of connecting by offering a suite of services tailored to enhance visibility and engagement. Their unique approach goes beyond transactional interactions, focusing on meaningful connections that foster long-term relationships.

Impact and Success Stories

The firm’s dedication is best exemplified through their work with a hospitality client over 16 years, transforming their visibility and market position through strategic PR initiatives. Ubiquity Collective’s distinctive edge lies in their deep industry insights, adaptability, and a rich tapestry of contacts that keep them at the forefront of the PR domain.

Challenges and Lessons Learned

The journey was not devoid of challenges. Adapting to the rapid pace of the industry and staying ahead of competition required innovation, foresight, and a continuous learning mindset. Joel emphasises the significance of giving back to the community and the industry, highlighting the balance between giving and receiving as crucial for sustained success.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Ubiquity Collective aspires to cement its reputation as a leading PR and marketing firm in the Liverpool City Region and beyond. Joel’s story is a testament to the power of vision, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. He invites potential clients to explore how Ubiquity Collective can elevate their brand, leveraging their expertise and proven track record for success.

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